Cristina Bowerman's recipe will be paired up with the work of the Sicilian artist Fulvio Di Piazza.



Cristina Bowerman was born in Cerignola (province of Foggia), Italy.


After graduating in Law in Italy, Cristina Bowerman took a specialization course at the University of San Francisco in California, USA. In 1992, while living in San Francisco, Cristina accepted her first cooking job in the kitchen of a famous breakfast place called Higher Grounds.

Through the Nineties she has always kept on cultivating her passion for cooking and once moved to Austin, in Texas, she was one of the founding members of the small catering business The Two Skinny Ladies. After deciding to become a professional chef, Cristina graduated in Culinary Arts in 2002 at the University of Austin, studying on the program of the famous Parisian cooking school Le Cordon Bleu.


In 2004, after various important work experiences in the Unites States, including a prestigious collaboration with the Driskill Grill (******), Cristina decided to go back to Italy and started working at the Convivio Troiani in Rome. In 2005, before leaving Italy to go back to the USA for good, Cristina received the unbeatable offer to become the chef two restaurants: the “Cuoco a Domicilio”, partnering up with Andrea Golino, and of another small restaurant in Rome.


While working in Rome she met Fabio Spada and Silvia Sacerdoti, the owners of Glass Hostaria, a "young" restaurant whose kitchen she took over at the end of 2005. From 2006 Glass Hostaria, which had already been awarded for his architectural structure, became renown also for its menu. In fact, many important food and wines guides, food reviews and TV shows have emphasized the cooking style of the restaurant due to the arrival of the new chef. In the following years Cristina received many international awards. In 2008 she received two forks on the Gambero Rosso guide and in 2010 she was the only woman obtaining a Michelin Star. 


Cristina never stops attending international conferences and seminars in order to keep improving her skills and experimenting a way to propose the “new Italian cuisine”. She has also been teaching professional cooking courses at many different schools and at the University of Illinois.


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